I've known Steph since first grade. We've always been part of each other's family and considered each other family. She was the bright, vibrant, social butterfly...I was all socially awkward and quiet...actually this is pretty true even after all these years. I like to think I've become more comfortable with my social awkwardness though.

It means the world to me that we are still in contact today. Though we've grown to lead lives with miles between us, we've still always been close. Sometimes it's just days in between us talking, sometimes it's months. No matter what though, we're always there for each other.

Enough of our BFF true love story and onto the beautiful photos. Can you believe this was over Christmas break and we weren't even freezing our tails off?! This ivy covered wall is one of my absolute favorite spots a park we went to. I could do an entire session just at this wall!

Then we headed down the trails into the forest. To those passing by, I would have looked crazy. I was all crouched down behind uprooted tree, with my body bent awkwardly. Totally worth looking crazy though to find elements in the forest to frame some great shots.

We stayed in the forest for a few more, in search of a "leaning tree". Now, this seems like an easy task, but it had to be just the right one, just the right size, and SAFELY leaning. Then Jackpot! We found it, right as the sun began to beam through. Let me tell you something even more special about these photos. You see the little burst of light in front of her? There's a theory we have, along with my sister about this, and though I know perfectly well what caused this, even this one is unique compared to what my lens typically captures. You see, both Steph and I lost our Dads and ever since, nearly every time we get together to take a photo, there's some explainable object in it. Many times it's been a small round orb or something that looks like this. Though there's likely an explainable cause each time, we like to think it's a little sign from above.

Just before they headed for an outfit change, we got one more shot...."Go over there, stand there like you own the place"... I'd say they nailed it. I seriously can't decide between the color or black and white here.

Onto the outfit change and change of scenery. A little log cabin nestled in the woods.

The End...for now

Can't wait to meet their new little one arriving soon! Scouting out those plane tickets to make a visit!