how does the client closet work?

I have numerous dresses available in a variety of sizes. Dresses in my client closet often fit a range of body types and sizes. During your consultation, we discuss styling and look for the perfect dress for you. I bring your top choices to the session and provide a changing tent. In some cases, a pre-session fitting can be arranged. Dresses are cleaned in between every session.

How is hair and makeup scheduled?

I have a list of hair and makeup artists that I work with. I arrange the appointment with the artist. Artists come to your home approximately 3 hours before you need to leave for the session. If you prefer to go to a brick and mortar location, I can arrange that as well.

What if it rains?

I always set a rain date with you. I check in 3 days before your session and 24 hours before your session to touch base on the weather and back up plans if needed. Sometimes we are able to adjust the time, other times we reschedule. If you have scheduled hair and/or makeup, I will reschedule that appointment for you as well.

Can styling services be added for my child/children?

I always provide styling tips for your child/children. This includes examples of outfits and links to purchase items if you choose. Hair and/or makeup can be added for teens.

What if my child/children do not cooperate?

My sessions are very relaxed. Children are able to explore and interact with you rather than have to sit still. My goal is to capture their natural personality and your relationship with them.

How do I choose my products after the session?

I bring sample options to your session so that you can see them in person. Following your session, you will receive an online gallery. You are able to select your products from the gallery.