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I am incredibly excited to combine my passion for photography and teaching others! I've learned a lot of over the years, made plenty of mistakes and learned things the long or hard way. I can help you avoid that! I offer various types of mentoring sessions for beginner photographers who want to take their photography skills to the next level. I am able to offer several types of mentoring sessions remotely, therefore, you do not have to be within my immediate area.

The four types of mentoring sessions I offer are described below. You can choose from one or more! I would love to chat more with you about how you'd like to grow. I can't wait to hear from you!

Photo credit: Studio Soozie

1:1 mentoring and 2:1 mentoring

If you're eager to photograph and edit with a more genuine and emotive approach, mentoring is a great option. Each 1 on 1 session is unique to your needs and where you'd like to grow. 1 on 1 mentoring is offered on a variety of topics including session styling, session workflow, editing, creating the right client expectations and how to approach lifestyle photography. These sessions are scheduled using zoom. Zoom sessions are scheduled in 1 hour increments.

If you'd like to works hands on photographing a session, I offer in person sessions where we will walk through everything from styling a client to every aspect of photographing the session to culling, editing, and delivering images.

In person sessions photographing a client are a minimum of a 3 hour commitment.

1:1 Mentoring rate is $100/hr

Have a friend interested in building their knowledge and skills?

2:1 mentoring rate is $150/hr. Price per hour can be split between both parties.

Portfolio, Website, and Social Feed Review

Portfolio Review

Collect your top 25-50 photos that best represent your work, style, and approach. I'll review theses and provide you with constructive feedback where appropriate. We will review this on a 30min zoom call.

Website Review

Do you need another perspective? I'll take a look at your website and provide feedback as an end user. I'll be looking at ease of navigating, the work you display, consistency, fit to your brand, cohesiveness, etc. If you don't have a website, a Social Feed Review is a great option! We will review this on a 30min zoom call.

Social Feed Review

What story is your social feed telling? Does that fit your brand and your best work? I'll take a look at your feed and provide constructive feedback where appropriate. We will review this on a 30min zoom call.

Review sessions are $75 each

Online Courses

Learn at your own pace through online courses.