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Free Mini Webinar: Why Presets aren't the Answer to Achieving Your Style

Have you purchased numerous presets only to be disappointed with them not achieving the style you want to achieve? In the FREE webinar, I cover my top reason as to why the presets likely aren't working for you.

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Creating your Style

If you are working to narrow down your style and create more consistency across your work, this course is for you! The course includes:

- A 45min course on Creating Your Style where I walk through the elements that I have found impact your style the most.

- How to easily create color palattes in Photoshop (video).

- Making Presets work for you where I walk through what I look for when I choose a preset for that base layer of editing (video).

- My styling process where I walk through how I communicate with clients to decide what they should wear to a session (video).

As a bonus, you'll also get:

- My top tips and resources regarding style and building your brand

- A downloadable questionnaire

- A customizable style sheet you can share with clients

- Sample Color Palattes


Working 1 on 1 is the most efficient way to learn based on your unique needs. I offer in person (locally to the Pittsburgh area) as well as virtually (beyond the Pittsburgh Area)