First, let me thank you for landing here. I am so excited to share the knowledge I've gained over the past 8 years in my photography journey. I specialize in Family and Motherhood sessions that are genuine, relaxed and real. I want to teach you how to form meaningful connections with your clients and work with them before and during the session to create the beautiful moments that I love to capture. 

 I'm looking forward to working with you!

Spring 2024-Virtual Editing Workshop

**may 3** April 19 2024

6pm-8pm EST

This spring workshop will help you improve your editing skills before the busy summer season kicks off! This session will be virtual, so you can attend from anywhere! The session will be 2 hours via Zoom and we will cover:

  • Editing workflow-how to transfer photos from your camera, to your computer and then into Lightroom
  • Overview of each editing panel within Lightroom
  • Presets-how to choose presets and how to adjust them
  • Step by step edit of 2-3 photos (time dependent)
  • Aim to edit 1 image with strong backlight, 1 image with subject facing the light, 1 image from indoors
  • For at least one of the photos I'll use the presets already built in Lightroom that are available to all users
  • Commonly used Photoshop functionality-this can include liquify, clone stamp tool, patch tool, and generative AI uses
  • Exporting and sharing photos with clients
  • Following the workshop, you will receive exclusive pricing for my online course: Creating Your Style (purchase is optional)


  • Access to Lightroom and Photoshop is highly recommended
  • Basic understanding of Lightroom

Cost: $150 per photographer


Original RAW image with strong backlight

Editing entirely with a Lightroom built-in preset and adjustments and Photoshop for object removal

Original RAW image with subject facing the light

Editing entirely with a Lightroom built-in preset and adjustments and Photoshop for sharpening tool

Original RAW image from indoors with only window light

Editing entirely with a Lightroom built-in preset and adjustments

2024 In-Person Workshop-DATE TBD

The 2024 Workshop is a two part workshop where you will have the opportunity to photograph a session followed by an editing session.

  • Hands on Photography workshop: TBD
  • Zoom editing session: TBD

During this workshop, we will cover:

  • Client styling and the impact this has on your photos and editing
  • Tools to style your clients
  • Natural lighting and how it impacts your photos and editing
  • Camera settings and shooting in manual mode
  • How your lenses and camera settings impact your photos
  • Natural posing and prompts, how to engage with clients to create genuine and relaxed moments during the session
  • Photograph alongside me and have the opportunity to ask questions
  • My approach to culling images post session
  • Demonstration of editing up to 3 images from start to finish using my presets, and workflow in Lightroom and Photoshop


  • Basic understanding of your camera and how to manipulate the settings
  • Basic understanding of Lightroom and Photoshop
  • I'll share my start to finish editing process of up to 3 photos from the session using Lightroom and Photoshop

Photos you take during the workshop can be used for your personal portfolio, websites, and social media. All social media posts are encouraged (and appreciated) to note that they were taken at a Yawning Moose Photography Workshop.

Cost per photographer is $399

Space is limited in order to provide more interaction and attention with attendees

***Registation is not open yet for this workshop***