The weather outside was absolutely dreary. It was the middle of the coldest stretch of winter we've had so far. Well, really the ONLY stretch of winter we've had so far. The day went from snow, to ice, to rain, and at one point, I think all three. Emma snuggled up with her little Lammie. This was one of the first little stuffies she was given as baby. It was a hand me down, and absolutely adorable.

She gets so excited for snow and wants to go out and play despite temperatures in the teens. We settled for bringing a couple of icicles off the holly bushes inside that she noticed while looking out the window.

Boop! It's her thing, she always wants to boop Daddy on the nose. He's not a huge fan but Lammie has no choice than to absorb all the boops.

"I love you through and through"-it's the book I've been reading her since she was born. By the time she was 3, she knew the book word for word and now recites the entire thing.

And her silly side. She might be the most stubborn human on the planet 99% of the time, but when she laughs, it's contagious.